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How do I find out what my vision is?
Mental Health · 13. June 2021
We hear all the time that we should have goals right?! And a vision! But what if you can`t think of a clear vision? What if your goals just don`t resonate from within? What if you just don`t have the motivation and energy to even imagine what else could be there for you to live a fulfilled life? I`ll show you, how you can access your energy by finding out which are your self-sabotaging behaviours and emotional wholes which need to be filled first before you feel energized!

How do I stay confident in confusing times?
Mental Health · 02. May 2021
Which aspects should you focus on when you want to support your self-confidence? How is it even possible to stay confident and true to yourself in confusing times like ours now? Listen to the new podcast episode and learn why I consider courage, clarity and presence to be the key qualities in our new world ...

What if my surrounding sabotages my growth and healing?
Mental Health · 03. April 2021
Is it easier for you to change when your surrounding agrees to these changes? Do you maybe even need the ones around you to say yes to your personal growth? Do you expect them to also change and experience the benefits of healing which you tasted? How do you make them understand what they need to do to feel better? And what if they are resistant and even sabotage your own growth and healing? ...

How do I heal?
Mental Health · 28. February 2021
In episode #32 I spoke about 3 steps which I consider important to start anew, to find the strength for a new beginning. And I got some questions about the 2nd step – accepting your past as your past and to figure out what you need to heal and find peace with what happened in the past. In the current episode #36 I will speak more about that and guide you through what I consider as helpful in a healing process.

What can therapy do for you?
Mental Health · 21. February 2021
"If you are fighting with one neighbour, the problem might be the other person. But if you are fighting with all the neighbours, then it might be you. - I always thought I have a handle on this and can deal with it alone, but I could not." I speak with a therapy client of mine about his therapy process and about what therapy can do for people from his clients perspective.

How do I open my heart (again)?
Mental Health · 14. February 2021
If you have suffered from traumatic experiences with closeness, it is perfectly normal to react with fear - which can be expressed in all sorts of ways (arguing, distancing, crying ...). You are not wrong. Its just your system which goes wild due to former experiences because it does not want you to experience any harm again. For you to open your heart again, it is important that you understand some simple steps which I will show you here.

How do I deal with Impostor feelings?
Mental Health · 07. February 2021
Do you deep inside doubt that your achievements in life are based on your skills and intelligence and rather blame external factors for your success? Are you sometimes afraid that the day will come when the world finds out that you are a loser or that all you got was just based on a big mistake? ...

How do I find the strength for a new beginning?
Mental Health · 31. January 2021
NEW - NEW - NEW!!! I continue my podcast - in English and with even more practical tips and hands on support so that you can not just overcome crisis but grow into a life which deeply fulfills you! In the very first episode of Season 2 I let you know how you find the strength for a new beginning ...

Wie geht Abschied nehmen?
Mental Health · 30. August 2020
👋🏼Was ist deine Abschieds-Masche? Schnell weg ohne Tschüss zu sagen? Eeeewig langes Festhalten, bevor du dich trennen kannst? Ohne Drama und großen Streit geht es nie? Oder bist du eher die Person, die sicher stellt, dass sich beim Abschied so wenig wie möglich ändert, alle Freunde bleiben und überhaupt alles schön harmonisch abläuft? In dieser Folge spreche ich über das Abschied nehmen und teile mit dir meine ganz persönlichen und sehr aktuellen Erfahrungen damit ...

Mental Health · 23. August 2020
Juhuuu! Mein erstes Buch ist erschienen!! Es ist ein psychologischer Ratgeber, der sich damit beschäftigt, welche Schritte es braucht, um aus Krisen gestärkt hervorzugehen, und wie wir nach solchen Phasen nicht sofort wieder in das same old Leistungs-Hamsterrad einsteigen, sondern nachhaltig etwas verändern und zu mehr Verbundenheit und Erfüllung im Leben finden. In dieser Folge erzähle ich dir mehr zur Entstehungsgeschichte meines Buches und warum du es unbedingt lesen solltest ;)

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