Gestalt therapy

listen to this conversation between a therapy client and me, if you ask yourself how therapy could support you:



Gestalt therapy is one form of psychotherapy belonging to the field of humanistic therapy methods. 


The focus of the therapeutic sessions is on your experiences and perception in the here and now - on your worries and burdens as well as on what strenghtens and supports you. We talk about your past experiences and your fantasies about the future when they are significant for your situation today.


By Gestalt therapy, you can improve your awareness of your own wishes and needs and learn how to express them in contact with others. The aim is not to become a different person, rather to find your own way and live your life accordingly.


Gestalt therapy can support you dealing with:

  • Fears/ anxiety
  • Depression / depressive mood symptoms
  • Grief
  • Crisis situations
  • Psychosomatic ailments
  • Eating disorders
  • Stress-related symptoms
  • Difficulties in partnership, family and other relationships
  • The search for a partner and/ or a job that makes you happy
  • Engaging in a partnership and/ or job that makes you happy
  • Personal / professional conflicts
  • Low self-esteem
  • Adjustment issues
  • Your desire for change  





Assuming your willingness and wish for it I will support you improving your perception of yourself, of your situation and your environment and accompany you through a process of learning how to distinguish between what is good for you and what harms you. Together we will search for your personal potential, your skills and resources which also leads to a better understanding of your limits. 


I am interested in you, your story, emotions, thoughts and body sensations and I do not principally work with a diagnosis to put you in any kind of psychological category. I work and speak with you, the person sitting next to me - and more important: we work together. Moreover, I have not a finished scheme or programme that I use for each client, I rather structure the sessions individually and together with you. Everyone is different and needs something different.


I respect the fact that you know best about your conditions. You are the expert for yourself and I have no intention to change you. In fact I will accompany you exploring new paths in life or finding a good way of dealing with the established route.


I am specialized in mindfulness training and body and energy work therapy.





If you are interested in Gestalt therapy sessions, please send me an Email, we briefly discuss your concerns and set a first appointment for a preliminary session in person or via Zoom of about 50 minutes.


If we decide to work together, we will usually meet once a week or every second week for a session of 50 minutes (or by individual agreement). The costs need to be covered by yourself, I do not work with insurances, it`s all private pay. Of course you get an receipt/ invoice.


I have a 48 hours cancellation policy, e.g. I will charge the full price for a session if you cancel it shorter than with a 48h notice.






I work holistic, which means that during the therapy sessions we focus on your body, mind, your emotions and the needs of your soul



Nature is a dominant inspirational source for my work and I am convinced we heal best in connection with the natural elements



I respect deeply the trust you give me by sharing your story or problem with me and I always respect your boundaries and privacy



With all the respect for the pain and suffering we often experience in life, I can`t remember one process with a client where we did not share a good laugh together :)




People who decide to work with me, wish to heal in depth. You won`t find quick-fix offers from me which only eliminate the symptom on the surface. The most beautiful gifts are to be collected in the depth, here lies the origin of your true potential! So let`s deep dive for your unique gifts!



I look forward to your request!