Shamanism is the art of purposefully directing energy for the good of all sensing beings. It`s the art of perceiving in an extended way - compared to the way we normally perceive our lives during daily life. And it`s the art of healing in harmony with the power and support of nature.


Very practically this means, that a person who is trained in shamanic healing, can support you to direct your energy on the right track again and to bring harmony in those areas of your life where it got out of balance, is blocked or where you experience lack, crisis, not enough love, health, wealth or happiness.


In ancient times, the job of the shamans was to keep the people of the tribe in good health. Physically, mentally and energetically.


As modern therapists, psychologists and medical professionals, we sometimes (actually quite often) seem to forget, that when a client comes to see us with a physical or psychological problem, this problem always started on an energetic level first, where it could be treated before becoming a problem for the mind or the body later on.


The physical body is the last instance on which it is shown to us, that we are not well or that something within our system got out of balance.


Our energy, mainly expressed and represented by the state of our chakras and our aura, is the first level on which some kind of imbalance or trauma can manifest. You can SENSE a person`s energy - all of us can do this, we do not need a specific training. We feel it in the presence of someone - if this person is in harmony with herself, is rooted and stable as well as flexible and creative, lives her power and enjoys life, meets others with an open heart, speaks her truth, is perceived as authentic and is connected to her intuition and maybe even to a higher guidance. All of those aspects (and more) represent the energy of a person which in total is then experienced as a harmonious self.


The second level is the level of the wellbeing of our soul, the emotional-psychological level where we might express the imbalance in our system via emotions like feeling depressed, anxious, insecure, doubtful, angry, empty, sad ... 


The third level is the level of our thoughts, the mental level. This is where we start to struggle with focus or where we have self-destructive or self-sabotaging thoughts. This is also the level where we can`t stop worrying about stuff and with all those worries sooner or later manifest more and more crisis in our lives because we are trapped in a downward spiral of negative thoughts which also then often lead to harmful actions.


The last instance on which problems and diseases actually manifest is, as mentioned above: the physical level. This is where we have overheard all the other signs on the energetic, emotional and mental level so that our system does not have any other choice but to show us via a hurtful experience of our body, that we finally have to listen and check what is necessary now to get back into balance and to heal.


And how do we heal? Well, first of all, by creating SPACE FOR JUST BEING. With space for being, healing can take place. As a shamanic healer I will hold this space for you to be fully yourself during our session and together, we will create a space for your healing.






The shamanic treatment is divided into 3 parts:


1) Preliminary talk

During the first 10-15 minutes we speak about the topics or problems which made you see me. For this part it is important that you already thought about the 1 to 3 main areas in your life which you struggle most with and that you can describe your struggle within those 10 to 15 minutes to me.


2) Shamanic treatment

For the next about 30 minutes you will lie down on your back and just try to relax and if possible go into a meditative state while I do the shamanic work reading the energies of your chakras and aura and giving your energy system impulses to losen up blocked energies.


3) Follow-up talk

After the shamanic treatment we will have a follow-up talk of about 15 minutes to speak about what you experienced during the session and I will tell you what I sensed concerning your energy system during the shamanic work.


We will arrange a maximum of 3 shamanic sessions but it can be that already after the first session the problems you brought clear and dissolve.


Please be aware that a shamanic treatment is completely different than a psychotherapy session* - as I explained above, working with your energy takes hold of a completely different level, this is why it sometimes has much quicker and deeper effects.


I also offer shamanic sessions WITHIN a therapy or coaching process. This can be a good setting for you when you are not so familiar yet with your personality or with self-exploration in general. Then it is sometimes helpful to speak about things in a classical coaching or therapy setting first before trying out a shamanic session.


A shamanic session can also be booked as a REMOTE TREATMENT. In that case, we do the preliminary and follow-up talk via phone or Zoom and during the 30 minutes of treatment you lie down on your sofa or bed at home while I work remotely. I experienced the sessions I did remotely always as effective as the ones in person.


Write to me to book your shamanic session today! 

* I expressly point out that a shamanic treatment or the participation in a shamanic workshop in no way replaces a visit to a doctor, medical, psychotherapeutic or other healing treatment and diagnostic analysis. Shamanic work is a spiritual healing process and a process of consciousness. Prescribed medication must never be discontinued or taken in any other way than prescribed without consulting the attending doctor. The shaman works with blocked energies in the human energy system and does not make any promises of healing. It is not a medical practice according to the general law.

As a clinical psychologist and therapist I am allowed to offer psychotherapeutic treatments according to the general law within therapy sessions.