What is online-counselling?


If it is not possible for you to see a psychologist, coach, therapist or counsellor in person due to your life or work situation or just because you prefer meeting online, my offer might be interesting for you.


In our online sessions of usually 50 minutes I support you with my experience as a psychologist, Gestalt therapist, certified counsellor and mindfulness trainer on your way from psychological blockages, suffering or feeling stuck in your life situation towards new ideas, creative solutions and increased wellbeing.


Topics for online counselling can be:

  • personal or professional crisis
  • decision making
  • fears
  • depressive symptoms
  • stress
  • difficult private or business relationships
  • your wish for change


How does it work?


If you are interested in my online counselling offer please write me an Email and tell me the reason why you are looking for support.


After this I will check my capacities and if I consider myself to be the right person for your concern. If yes, we arrange an appointment for a first 30-50minutes talk online (via Skype or Zoom). The first talk costs 50€ and the fee needs to be on my bank account before our first session.


If we decide to work together we arrange more sessions with a weekly frequency or according to your needs. The fee for these regular sessions of 50 minutes is 150€ + tax for each session.




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Dipl.-Psych. Jasmin Schott Carvalheiro