Mindfulness means being present and connected to yourself and to your surrounding in the very moment. It also means being able to resist mind-wandering temptations or other distractions and bringing your focus over and over again back to the present moment.


But why is this something which you should do and how could it support you in your daily life?


Well, I am sure you will agree that a lot of times we make our life much harder than it could be by thinking about what went wrong in the past or what might go wrong in the future over and over again. Right or right?!

And maybe you will say now: "I do not have influence on that! My mind just produces those thoughts and I can`t stop thinking or worrying about ... It just happens!" At this point I have to disappoint you: YOU DO HAVE INFLUENCE on that. YOU ARE ABLE TO calm your monkey mind down and learn how to focus better, have less self-destructive thoughts and even experience less stress by working with your mind. HOW? With MINDFULNESS TRAINING!



I am a CERTIFIED MINDFULNESS TRAINER for individuals and corporate organizations and wrote my Diploma Thesis in Psychology about the effects of mindfulness on our personality, on our ability to deal with stress and on our self-awareness.


During the last 15+ years hundreds of studies could prove that mindfulness can support us in so many areas in our lives.


Harvard researchers for instance found proof for reduced stress perception through mindfulness meditation (Hölzel et. al.). Coming along with reduced stress perception, a grey matter reduction in the amygdala (= the human alarm system in our brain) and a better connectivity among specific brain areas was found (Hölzel et al, 2016), which means that mindfulness training can actually CHANGE our brain (for the better;).


Other studies showed that there is a boost in our attention and focus when mindfulness practice is done regularly. And especially the so called "executive attention", which is the ability to suppress distracting stimuli, is strengthened with mindfulness training (Jha et a., 2007; Tang et al., 2007).


Moreover, children with experience in mindfulness are better able to control their attention (less mind-wanderin & less rumination) while focussing on the present and on their body. Marusak et al. (2018) found that this higher flexibility helps children to reduce anxiety and leads to improved mental health.


I want to give you an overview in which areas mindfulness meditation and integrating mindfulness in your lifestyle can support you:



-> decreases in stress, anxiety, depression

-> increases in quality of life



-> decreases in resentfulness, anger

-> increases in hope, optimism, self-efficacy, positive outlook, motivation, calmness, work-satisfaction, peacefulness, acceptance



-> decreases in cortisol, cholesterol, fatigue, ill-being, rapid-heart rate



-> increases in goal attainment and productivity



I offer private sessions where I teach you how to do mindfulness meditation and together we work out your very personal plan how to integrate mindfulness in your daily life. 


I also offer MINDFULNESS GROUP WORKSHOPS, please let me know if you are interested and I will tell you about the next workshop dates. Read more about my corporate mindfulness workshops in German HERE.



You can also write to me if you would like to book a MINDFULNESS WORKSHOP FOR YOUR COMPANY OR YOUR TEAM. I offer 1-2-day-trainings or custom made trainings on demand according to your specific wishes.