Costs & Conditions

The preliminary session is 50€. This first meeting is no therapy or counselling session. We get to know each other, talk about your reasons to look for support and try to get an idea if we are a good match to work together. 


Costs for each session in Gestalt therapy (50 minutes): 100€ (no additional tax)

Costs for each online counselling session (50 minutes): 100€ (no additional tax)

Costs for each private counselling session (50 minutes): 150€ plus tax = 178,50

Costs for each additional session in business counselling (50 minutes): 200€ plus tax = 238€


I have a 48h cancellation policy. If you don`t cancel your appointment with me at least 48hours in advance I charge the full fee.


In Germany Gestalt therapy is not covered by the standard state health insurance.

If you are privately insured, your insurance company may cover (some of) the costs for Gestalt therapy.

Please make sure BEFORE you arrange an initial meeting with me if you can afford private pay or if your health insurance covers the costs of a Gestalt therapist/ Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie.


You pay cash directly after each therapy session and I give you a receipt for your records regularly.


For counselling you receive a monthly invoice from me.


For online counselling you transfer the fee in advance on my bank account.




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Dipl.-Psych. Jasmin Schott Carvalheiro