Working as a consultant for a major corporation in Munich, Germany about 17 years ago, provided me with some great life experience in what corporate life really means. I know about the pressure people are exposed to in order to provide excellent results on a daily basis and I know about the feelings this can lead to: being burnt out or constant agitation, psychosomatic symptoms like a bad sleep quality, chronic pain or exhaustion, not finding the inspiration within yourself any more with which you once started your job, or maybe also deeply questioning yourself and your life in terms of "Does this all still make any sense?".


The professional topic is only one where I can support you within our coaching sessions. Very common questions which lead people to book coaching sessions with me are also:


How can I find time and space to live fulfilled relationships without just pleasing the needs of others?


How can I get out of unhealthy fighting or arguing habits with my beloved ones?


How staying physically and mentally healthy without having to stick to perfectionistic rules and boring diets?


How can I make sense of symptoms my body shows me?


And how do I deal with crisis to not just overcome them but feel grown and even stronger afterwards?


I found some good answers to all of this from my own experience and from working with clients for the last 13+ years on those topics and I would love to share it with you as well as to discover how to implement healthy and fulfilling habits in your life!






I work holistic, which means that during the coaching sessions we focus on your body, mind, your emotions and the needs of your soul



I offer walk-and-talk-coaching sessions by the sea because nature is a dominant inspirational source for my work and I also connect to the support from nature for online coaching sessions



I respect deeply the trust you give me by sharing your story or problem with me and I always respect your boundaries and privacy



With all the respect for the pain and suffering we often experience in life, I can`t remember one process with a client where we did not share a good laugh together :)



I aim to inspire you to live your life to the fullest and figure out what can be the brave steps you need to take to experience inner and outer fulfillment. Let`s be brave together!