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How do I stay confident in confusing times?
02. May 2021
Which aspects should you focus on when you want to support your self-confidence? How is it even possible to stay confident and true to yourself in confusing times like ours now? Listen to the new podcast episode and learn why I consider courage, clarity and presence to be the key qualities in our new world ...

What if my surrounding sabotages my growth and healing?
03. April 2021
Is it easier for you to change when your surrounding agrees to these changes? Do you maybe even need the ones around you to say yes to your personal growth? Do you expect them to also change and experience the benefits of healing which you tasted? How do you make them understand what they need to do to feel better? And what if they are resistant and even sabotage your own growth and healing? ...

How do I heal?
28. February 2021
In episode #32 I spoke about 3 steps which I consider important to start anew, to find the strength for a new beginning. And I got some questions about the 2nd step – accepting your past as your past and to figure out what you need to heal and find peace with what happened in the past. In the current episode #36 I will speak more about that and guide you through what I consider as helpful in a healing process.