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Let`s Speak About Seasalt Therapy!
12. June 2022
“Especially in this surfer lifestyle, when you see my life from outside and when I talk to friends and people in Germany they say: what`s your fucking problem?! You should be happy the whole day! And I am like: no, I am not. Because I recognized that I am stil the same and what I was doing in Germany – I was taking those patterns and I was exactly transferring them to here." Julia, founder of the OCEAN SISTERS

I Feel So Overwhelmed!
15. May 2022
Can you relate to the feeling that sometimes it just seems to be TOO MUCH? To much for your body, too much for your mind, too much to handle things in a conscious and calm way and you simply feel overwhelmed?! In the new podcast episode of DEAR THERAPIST I speak about feelings of overwhelm and despite overwhelm is experienced in a different way by each person, I try to give you some ideas, how to deal with feelings of overwhelm.

About Creativity, Vulnerability and the Power of (female) Support
21. November 2021
Why is support actually so important? Why should you have not just one source of support but a whole support team around you? And what happens if there is a lack of support?