Let`s Speak About Seasalt Therapy!

dear therapist meets the ocean sisters

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In this video episode of DEAR THERAPIST I meet Julia and Jaz from the Ocean Sisters, a community in Ericeira bringing together likeminded people who love the ocean and the lifestyle at Portugals coast!
We speak about seasalt therapy and that it`s ok, not to be ok sometimes ;)

“Especially in this surfer lifestyle, when you see my life from outside and when I talk to friends and people in Germany they say: what`s your fucking problem?! You should be happy the whole day! And I am like: no, I am not. Because I recognized that I am still the same and what I was doing in Germany – I was taking those patterns and I was exactly transferring them to here. And I am still the same person and just because I am surfing and just because I went to India and did Yoga – I am the same and I am struggling. A lot.” Julia from the OCEAN SISTERS
"For me the water is a peaceful place. It changes my state. For me it`s a tool to connect with myself – to chill the f**k up. … For me, the ocean calms me down. There is a thing in the water that changes my energy. But my deeper problems, those things that are family related or friends related or romantic stuff or work stuff – those things, the ocean just takes them away in the moment, but when you are out of the water they are still there.” Jaz from the OCEAN SISTERS
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