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interview with dyan valdes

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Why is support actually so important?


Why should you have not just one source of support but a whole support team around you?


And what happens if there is a lack of support? 



Let me share with you a very personal experience which I had lately concerning support. As you can see on the picture above, I recently opened my second therapy and coaching office. I continue my work in Berlin but now opened another office in Ericeira, Portugal.

I put my furniture there, got the Yogi tea and tissues ready, got the outdoor sign printed, put the address on my website and on the Google maps - no one reacting. No clients for quite a while.

No one contacted me until one very specific day: it was the day when I realised that I actually do not have the capacities for new clients if I do not get support myself.

So I reflected about the areas in which me and my family need more support and then I very practically took action and arranged all the necessary support from cleaning help at home to necessary doctors check-ups. And the day we found an amazing nanny to support with the kids: 5 new clients contacted me just on that one day.

What I try to say: sometimes all it needs is that you find the necessary support for yourself before you can serve others again.

You might say: well, I would love all that support as well but I can`t afford it. I hear this a lot and honestly: most of the times it is just an excuse. We spend so much money on things we really don`t need or could easily cut off for a while: watching payed tv, buying unhealthy food and drinks, having toxic lifestyle habits or getting take-away coffees which can easily add up to a monthly therapy session!

But the biggest energy and money waster is actually the time you waste suffering from the fact that you feel not supported enough. I promise you: there is support out there for you. You are not alone. But the support will usually not come to you just by itself. No matter how bad you feel. I know, it might sound hard, but it will always need to be YOU who has to actively reach out for it!


A lack of support also results in a lack of creativity. When we are constantly in doing-mode, in action- and maybe even in surviving-mode the creative parts of our brain are simply not used any more and will slowly degrade.

This leads me to some other exciting news I would like to share with you:


In today`s episode of my podcast "DEAR THERAPIST" I spoke to a former client, Dyan Valdes (she gave me the permission to tell her name), who has been a professional musician for years, playing in well-known bands and just recently, she released her very first own single FADE AWAY.

I wanted to know how she accesses creativity and we ended up having a wonderful talk about vulnerability, taking emotional risks, female empowerment and female support and why creating something special always means that some people will definitely not like it.


You can listen to the episode of "DEAR THERAPIST" HERE and of course you will also be able to listen to the song "FADE AWAY" at the end of the episode!

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And if you would like to find out more about Dyan`s work, check out these links:


Dyans Facebook page

Dyans Instagram


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