How do I find out what my vision is?

create a vision and energy from within

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I am sure you heard that you should have goals.
Short term.
Long term.
And a vision!
Probably even one of these coaches like me told you that you should have vision board on which you put all the stuff you wish to manifest into your life.
And then focus on it. Where focus goes, your energy will flow... We also heard that, right?!

But what if you can`t think of a clear vision?
What if your most dominant and hurtful question deep inside is "What should be my vision?" Or: "Is this what I  am thinking of, a vision which I really want to come true?"
I think, a lot of people nowadays don`t have access to an authentic vision any more, because most of their day, most of their daily life they are lacking the stage, the influence field, where they feel that they are truly needed. Where they can truly make a difference, truly apply the skills which are unique to them and of which it is their duty to give them to this world.
A lot of people nowadays spend most of their days in fields where they actually doubt that this job, this project, this surrounding, this work is the stage where they are able to leave their unique finger print every day. Where they are truly needed.
Because: IF you had this feeling that it is really YOU being a gift to this field, being absolutely necessary there – you probably would do EVERYTHING every day to show up with your full energy. Wouldn`t you?!
You would not sabotage your energy with a lack of exercise, bad food habits, bad sleep and rest habits, by making your brain foggy with consuming nonsense for hour after hour or – you would see it as your duty to show up to this daily life with your energy batteries filled as much as possible.
And it can become a dangerous circle – I discovered, that for many people when they don`t have this force in their life which triggers their full potential every day and which forces them to increase their energy every day anew, they also don`t take good care of their energy any more, because deep inside they feel that it is just not needed.
So, also the beliefs you create within this field support this downward spiral – first of all, you are in a field which does not trigger your individual and full potential and as a consequence, you stop believing that you actually have to offer more to this world, to this life because you start thinking in a way the field you are in requires to think.
So, how do you do it then? How do you create this energy, this vision without an existing field which requires it?
I GIVE YOU THE ANSWER I FOUND: You need to cultivate the access to an energy source within you which is not connected to a stage. Not connected to performance. Instead, it is connected to a source within you which I call inner wisdom or inner drive.
To get access to this source, you first need to uncover the advantages of your self-sabotaging-behaviour which keeps your daily energy low.
In my CONNECTme Workshops I teach you a very effective technique to do this.


In this technique you will
1.  Name a behaviour which you do that keeps your energy low
2.  In the next step we check what kind of advantage does it give you to keep up this behaviour 
3.  Then in the 3rd step we check what are the fears and anxieties behind this process
4.  And in the 4rth step we dare to look at the emotional gaps which need to be filled so that you start to actually have a choice again and chose energy boosting behaviour instead of self-sabotaging-behaviour.


Listen to the podcast episode to dive deeper into this exercise or learn more about my workshops where we do exciting stuff like that exercise and SO MUCH MORE!

All the best for you!!


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