How do I get clarity about what I want?

get in touch with your inner clarity through sound

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Did you ever hear about crystal sound healing bowls? They are beautiful bowls which are used as musical instruments for healing with sound and vibration. In the new podcast episode I invited the sound healing teacher Hannah Knowlton for an interview and besides talking about her work with the sound healing bowls, she also gives a live demonstration during the podcast episode.


It is important for me to not just give you inspiration in DEAR THERAPIST on a level which reaches your mind. Sometimes, maybe especially when we already tried very hard to find clarity by thinking stuff through for the 100s time or speaking about it with our therapist, friends, partners .. Sometimes it needs a stimulus via a different level to really reach our inner truth and honest clarity. 


Maybe the crystal sound healing bowls can be such a helpful and inspiring stimulus for you to access your individual clarity and bring it into your life.


So get comfortable for this episode and prepare for a beautiful sound journey which guides you towards inner clarity in a way words would not be able to. 😌🎶🎧




Let me know about your experiences with this episode and the sound bath session and please don`t hesitate to ask questions if any came up concerning this topic of clarity or the crystal singing bowls. Hannah and I will be very happy to answer them.


You can reach Hannah directly via her Instagram @connected_resonance or via Email:




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