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In episode #32 of DEAR THERAPIST I spoke about 3 steps which I consider important to start anew or to find the strength for a new beginning. And I got some questions about the 2nd step I mentioned in the podcast episode which is: accepting your past as your past and to figure out what you need to heal and find peace with what happened in the past.


Some of you asked me HOW? How can I heal? What can I do to heal? Is there any helpful tools or idea that I could share with you. YES! I will do so in this new episode :)and guide you through what I consider as supportive in a healing process.


I am right within some big healing and changing processes myself at the moment and I might have to do a part 2 on this episode because I am sure I will still learn more about healing through my own process within the next weeks and months. But for now, I already have some as I consider very helpful ideas how you can start and encourage your healing process which I am also using every day at the moment.


In this episode I speak about holistic healing. In my opinion healing always needs to include body and mind. I consider our bodies as our healing coaches and will tell you in this episode how you should carefully listen to your body`s advise because it will always be your body who knows best about your mental and physical healing.


Your mind will follow your body when you give your system the signal of healing. But your mind might also sabotage your healing process from time to time and I tell you what you can do to not let this sabotage happen but work together with your body instead. Meditation, affirmations or healing mantras are good way to encourage your healing process mentally as well as cognitive exercises which encourage to let go the past. I will show you one of those healing coaching exercises in this episode.


Moreover, I will speak about how you can speed up your healing process by just feeling. Just feeling the feelings connected to your pain and not to make a story or drama out of it. This sounds so easy and is still one of the most difficult exercises for the most of us!


In the last part of the episode I speak about how I am convinced that confidence about your life decisions helps a lot when it comes to healing hurtful experiences in the past. If you are convinced that what you chose to be is good for your and your life, the people around you will either support you, just let you do or disappear sooner or later. If you have people in your life who constantly keep telling you that what you do is not good (enough) and try to sabotage your plans - it is a clear sign that you are not clear enough yet:) 


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