How do I open my heart (again)?

+ heart opening meditation

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If you had hurtful experience with love or closeness, you most certainly tend to have a tendency to interpret new experiences on this background and maybe decide not to open our heart again. If someone comes close to you, your fight, fright or freeze reactions go wild and you will not be able to see this new experience clearly.


It`s important that you keep this in mind when new experiences could be made in your life. Sometimes it is really YOU and not the other person who does not respect your boundaries or does something wrong. It might be that a LOT is done via YOUR interpretation.


Please get me right: You are not wrong! Its just your system which goes wild because it does not want you to experience any harm again.


For you to open your heart again, it is important that you understand 4 basic things:

  1.  I might be interpreting this situation as ... (threatening, harmful, hurtful ...) because of my background.
  2.  If I don’t manage to get some distance to my background I will not be able to make a new experience and see what it is really like with this NEW person.
  3. I can get distance by learning how to watch my emotions instead of diving deep into them. (I show you in the meditation we do in the podcast episode how you can do that)
  4. By getting distance, I become calmer and this way I can see the present situation and the new person in front of me much clearer and make a truely NEW experience.


Besides the meditation we do at the end of this podcast episode I have another tool for you how you can practice to open your heart again: Connect with your heart by consciously touching.


Try to put more awareness in your hands and whatever you do and touch with your hand throughout your day. And ask yourself the following questions:


How does this feel?


What can I feel when I touch this?


How do I touch this?


If I am touching a person: do I touch this person because I want something from this person or because I want to give something?


What is the intention of my touch?


And how do I feel when I am touched?


Can I be touched without getting anxious and closing my heart? (remember what I told you before – this base of experiences from your past – do I let my past experiences sabotage this touch right now?)



I am really curious what you took out of the episode and the meditation. So please let me know in the comments below and also tell me, if any questions came up! I am looking forward to hear from you!



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