Hi, I am Jasmin Schott Carvalheiro, psychologist, therapist and mentor for holistic energy management.


In 2020 I moved from Berlin to the Portuguese seaside. I live here with my husband, our two little boys and our two dogs. I have an office in Ericeira/ Portugal and also still in Berlin, where I see clients every few months.


With therapy, coaching, shamanic healing sessions, workshops online and offline, I support strong and at the same time sensitive people not to burn out and shift from overwhelm and low energy to radiant energy and power.


My professional background includes a university degree in clinical psychology, several years of Gestalt therapy training and multiple Coaching certifications as Business-, Resilience- and Mindfulness-Coach. I work as a psychologist and therapist for about 13 years now and became a Shamanic Healer in several trainings during the last couple of years. I am based in Lisbon and Ericeira/ Portugal and Berlin/ Germany.


I create a new way of holistic healing suitable for daily life of active, strong and at the same time sensitive people, so that my clients can discover and sustain their unique energy, and influence their surrounding with their positivity and motivation.


As an expert in spiritual psychology, I show how science based strategies beautifully connect with ancient healing techniques so that people can heal deeply and become an inspiration for others.


For 13 years+ now I have been successfully supporting people to overcome different kinds of crisis and low energy phases. But this is not where my work stops. I am convinced that there is this huge wisdom in any crisis and I dedicate my life to support peoples individual healing processes by discovering together how to make sense of each individual struggle and turn it into precious advise and helpful tools to grow and connect better with yourself and everything around you.


I truly believe that you can turn pain and suffering into peace and beauty. I also truly believe that change is always possible and actually constantly happening if we don`t waste our energy to let change not happen. And I truly believe, that the steps which lead to change not always have to be hard and hurtful but can also be enjoyable and fun!


In my coachings, therapy sessions and workshops I always show up with my full basket of experience: having worked as a consultant for a major German corporation, years of therapy and counselling training from which I pick out for my clients what is most helpful and efficient, not leaving out my (sometimes challenging) experiences as a wife and mother of two beautiful boys living in a foreign country ... 


Let`s go on this beautiful journey of creating a life with high energy, passion and purpose together! I very much look forward to speaking with you!